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I’m getting sick and tired of people talking about jobs, the reason being that they treat jobs as being an end unto itself. Do you think people in rural India sit around wondering when the government will provide them with jobs? Guess again. While India may have a lot of poverty, it’s not because of unemployment; a villager will occupy himself by working on the field, or finding a way to contribute to society. The reason why we hear so much talk about jobs is because politicians, especially on the left, have this ridiculous notion that the government can create jobs. Uh, no.

But the problem isn’t even who creates jobs. Jobs, as I mentioned, shouldn’t be an end unto themselves. As Henry Hazlitt argues, the goal is maximum productivity. There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Hence, people can always be working. Maximum employment occurs when we have maximum productivity, but when the government has practically castrated the private sector, we’re not really going to see that, now are we? This is why the government needs to get out of the way, let individuals be productive, and out of that productivity, we’ll see a rise in jobs to meet that end. Until then, all we’re left with is clueless politicians preaching from the pulpit about this and that theory as to how they will be good at creating jobs. Yeah, right.

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