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Division Street, by Ravens & Chimes, one of my favorite bands. Pick up both their albums on iTunes. You won’t regret it!

Peter Schiff talking about the ludicrousness of ‘minimum wage’. If people are getting paid more than the minimum wage today, then there is no real reason for minimum wage. In fact, the history of the minimum wage is tied into racism: racist union leaders intended to keep unskilled black workers out of the workforce, and so demanded a minimum wage. Today, this is one of the biggest reasons why unemployment for blacks is far greater than the rest of the population. It’s time to get rid of minimum wage, and let the markets decide the value of labor, not a few elite.

A fascinating video expressing how feminism is economically devastating, and how monogamous marriage is actually a great economic exchange. Great to hear several amoral benefits of marriage.

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"When Orwell wrote in his famous essay The Politics of the English Language that politics has become a matter of ‘defending the indefensible,’ he was assuming that politics would remain a distinct, although corrupted, mode of discourse. His contempt was aimed at those politicians who would use sophisticated versions of the age-old arts of double-think, propaganda and deceit. That the defense of the indefensible would be conducted as a form of amusement did not occur to him. He feared the politician as deceiver, not as entertainer.”

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death

Round 2 of Keynes vs. Hayek! I love how Keynes gets so much attention today, even though his policies have led to the near-destruction of nation after nation. A global default encroaches nearer.

So I’m a little late to this party, but this video is just brilliant. I’ve watched through it a handful of times, and it’s as humorous as it is informative. Ah Hayek vs. Keynes… never gets old!

Ah, good ole propaganda. Nothing quite like the entertainment industry telling you what’s good for you. You know, because they understand public policy and economics and such.